LS Gas & Plumbing Services Ltd have the experience and expertise to rectify anything from a leaky tap to a shower that isn't working, quickly and efficiently.
Below you will find a small snapshot of the work regularly completed by LS Gas & Plumbing Services Ltd. remember if gas or water runs through it, we can repair and maintain it.
Regular maintainance of your Water system (Water Fittings), can both save money and have an environmental impact by the prevention of undue water wastage.
We are able to install, repair & maintain all oil based systems.
Central Heating flushing and treatment will extend the life of your central heating system, and save money through increased boiler and system efficiency and protection..
If you have any of the following problems with your central heating system it is a sign that your system requires flushing.
Air frequently in radiators and system
Cold spots on radiators or radiators not heating up at all.
Hot water in cylinder not heating up.
Sludge (black waste in pipes and radiators).
Boiler Noise and banging pipes.
Corrosion of radiators.
System should be flushed or cleaned every 3 to 5 years and protected every year.  If a system has been recently drained it is imperative that the system should be protected, or costly bills can result.
Most common maintenance problems regularly called out to are...
Leaking taps.

Toilet overflowing constantly (either into the toilet bowl itself or to the outside overflow).
Noisy banging pipes.
Shower not working.
Toilet not flushing.
Taps won't turn off/on or drip.
Leaking radiators due to corrosion.
Leaking mains tap.
Central heating pump broken.
No hot water but heating.
No heating but hot water.
Shower running cold/stopped.